Volunteering and Professional Industry Experience on Study Tours

If your study tour group is looking to gain a valuable insight into Australian working culture, then you have come to the right place. Not only can we offer meaning volunteering experiences through our extensive network of partner organisations, but we can also offer

industry based visits to a number of employers and employer associations – so your students can see how an industry functions in Australia.

Our volunteering and professional industry experiences are usually more suited to students over 15 years of age and with a specific subject area or interest in mind. However, we can simply use volunteering to practise English and learn about Australian social culture too for younger groups.

In the past, our study tour groups have volunteered on independent local farms, government run environmental projects and much more. Our industry experiences have connected previous study tour groups with employer associations that hold informational sessions about Australian employment in Australia and workplace relations and Australian workplace culture. In addition, we have organised facility tours in mining projects, medical facilities and many more industries.

Our Study Tours Include the Best Industry Experiences and Volunteering

Student Explore Australia

We have been running student tours for almost 10 years, and have built up industry partnerships with many employment organisations, employers and volunteering organisations. This allows us to get the most relevant and highly valuable professional experiences for your study tour group. 

Of course, our volunteering and professional experiences only form part of a full study tour program, but your students will have gained a valuable advantage to put on their resume once they have completed a professional study tour with Students Explore Australia in partnership with any university, school, employer organisation or volunteer organisation in Australia.

Not all learning can be done inside the classroom – real life experience is important, and this is why we have such a big focus on allowing your study tour group to get involved and learn by doing. Enquire with us today if you feel we can help you organise your next study tour group.

Study Tour Locations across Australia

Student Explore Australia

Different cities and states often specialise in different industries. We have a number of locations across Australia that allows your group to access the right volunteering and industry experiences. We offer study tours in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. Enquire with us, and we’ll guide you to make the best location choice for your student’s requirements.

Volunteering and Professional Industry Experience Providers

Student Explore Australia

We collaborate with the highest quality organisations to bring you high quality study tours from reputable and well-respected organisations. These collaborations allow us to get the BEST possible and highly specialised experiences to your students.