Gold Coast Study Tours

As a leader of student tour programs in Australia, Students Explore Australia now offer study tours on the Gold Coast. Through our extensive network of partnerships with educational organizations, schools and high-ranking universities, we deliver study tours in any subject you desire.

The Gold Coast is world-renowned for its beautiful stretch of sand and beaches, has all the fun waiting for students while providing them with an immersive and culturally rich learning experience.
Its business support and investment programs are helping the Gold Coast become one of the fastest-growing economies in Australia.

Home to three world-class universities, it also has both private and public high schools that are evenly distributed, offering some of the best educational opportunities for international students. With Student Explore Australia, we want to give students a holistic learning experience through our subject-specific study tours, English language study tours and higher education study tours, especially for those considering studying at Gold Coast universities. If your group has preferred activities or schools in mind, we can also customize it to your liking.

Aside from visiting and experiencing university life, our study tour program offers an opportunity to savour Gold Coast’s laid-back neighbourhoods, famous theme parks, vibrant culinary scene and subtropical hinterland for waterfalls and rainforest walks. Through these activities, your students can get to know more about the place and the people.

All this and more, make Gold Coast one of the best choices and destinations to live and study in Australia.

Explore What Gold Coast Offers For Your Study Tours

If you enjoy the outdoors, sport, art & culture, swimming and more, the Gold Coast study tour is perfect. Take advantage of all it offers, including top universities and colleges, a variety of degree programs and experiences outside the classroom. We welcome your preferences from universities, budget, the needs of learners and academic goals.