Study Tours at James Cook University

Students Explore Australia understand the needs of middle and high school students who are interested in pursuing higher education. That’s why we offer customisable study tours that will help students find their ideal learning environment at the best universities in the country.

Among the universities that have partnered with Students Explore Australia is James Cook University, located in the heart of Brisbane’s Central Business District. The university’s centralized learning environment allows for greater interaction with the diverse population of students and mentors.

Exploring Australian Culture

Students Explore Australia’s custom-designed study tours are not just for students seeking the best Australian educational program. We also assist them in exploring student life and culture while they’re here. So no matter what your needs may be, whether it’s deciding on a university major, finding an apartment, or just getting to know the neighbourhood, we can plan a tour for you!

Focusing On The Best University Programs

The course offerings at James Cook University cater to a diverse community of students from Australia and the rest of the world. We let our study group experience the school’s own interactive learning environments as well as their approach to courses of study.

Viewing Long-Term Housing Options

Curious about living in the city? The study’ centralized location in the city means students can also enquire about affordable housing and transport options in Brisbane. More than just looking at apartments in student-friendly neighbourhoods, we also offer the chance to entertain questions about safe and sustainable living environments for students near James Cook University.

Experiencing Australia As You’ve Never Before

Our customisable study tours do not stop in the classroom! We also offer students a chance to get to know Australian culture as it is in Brisbane. Whether they’re hiking the hills outside the city, or spending the afternoon with birds and koalas in their natural surroundings, we specialise in unique experiences that are guaranteed to leave everyone in awe.

Get To Know Our Partnered Universities

We have partnered with the best universities in Queensland to provide immersive experiences of university life for students.

James Cook University

James Cook University is committed to providing an educational experience for its students with a global perspective. Their partnership with Students Explore Australia allows students to see what the future might look like for them as part of the university. From getting to know the university’s renowned programs, right down to meeting like-minded members of the study community, there will always be plenty left to discover on our tours.

Our Collaboration

Students Explore Australia provides students with the opportunity to get to know the programs available to them at James Cook University. These programs provide students with a pathway towards a fruitful long-term career in their chosen field.

Business and Management

James Cook University is known for its programs in business and commerce, which emphasize real-world experiences and targeted professional development. Students Explore Australia allows students to interact with other business majors and their mentors in an environment that’s conducive to learning and personal growth.

Information Technology

Information technology is one of the many courses available for study at James Cook University. The Brisbane study, in particular, has some of the country’s best facilities for learning IT and integrating advanced technology with real-life applications. Our tours enable students to experience what it means to study in a high-tech environment that also encourages real-life interaction with others in the same field.

Tourism, Hospitality and Events

The amazing attractions of Brisbane, from its history to the natural environment, make it an ideal destination for studying advances in tourism. With our study tours, students who are interested in tourism courses will get the full experience at James Cook University. From learning theories and concepts in the classroom, to joining field trips to work sites and meeting with professionals in the industry.

How to Book A Study Tour

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Students Explore Australia offers customisable study tours for students seeking to explore their education programs. These tours give students a glimpse of university life on and off-study, from sitting in classrooms to enjoying sporting events. Our tours are all about the full experience of studying in Australia and we don’t hold back with the best parts!