Undergraduate Study Tours at the University of the Sunshine Coast

Studying in Australia provides a wide variety of opportunities to pursue career paths in different learning environments. We at Students Explore Australia understand the needs of middle and high school students who are interested in pursuing different courses of study with an eye towards the long term. That’s why we offer customisable study tours that are tailored to the students’ individual preferences.

Students Explore Australia is proud to offer study tour programs at the University of the Sunshine Coast. Located in the state of Queensland on Australia’s east coast, the University of the Sunshine Coast offers more than 120 degree programs and 280 course options at both undergraduate and graduate levels across several disciplines, including business, sciences and creative industries.

Exploring Australian Culture

The customisable study tours offered by Students Explore Australia are not just for students seeking the best Australian educational program for their needs. We also offer students the chance to explore student life and Australian culture in their own way. To that end, we are able to assist students (and even parents) with researching their options on and off study.

Choosing the Best University Education Programs

With its diverse range of educational programs for all students, the University of the Sunshine Coast provides students with learning opportunities that can also lead to long-term careers. Our study tours let students do their own research on their programs of choice, which helps them make wise decisions on how to pursue their studies in the long run. They can even choose to explore other programs and even other universities upon request. 

Finding Suitable Long-Term Housing Options

While the University of the Sunshine Coast doesn’t offer on-study housing, our study tours can also include visits to privately-owned accommodation complexes for students, as well as popular neighbourhoods nearby. This lets students see what their ideal living and learning environments will look like when they attend the university.

An Unforgettable Learning Experience

Our customisable study tours are more than just on-study experiences! We also offer students a wide variety of recreational activities around the area. From nature hikes and surfing at beaches, to sporting events and museum tours, we provide our students with opportunities to cross off entries on their “Aussie bucket list” and have fun on tour!

Get To Know Our Partnered Universities

We have partnered with top universities in Queensland to provide quality educational and cultural experiences for students. Our tours offer opportunities to venture into what student life means in Queensland, in and out of the classroom. 

The University of the Sunshine Coast

The University of the Sunshine Coast has partnered with Students Explore Australia to offer tours for students who are interested in their course offerings. These tours provide students with the opportunity to experience study life for themselves, while immersing themselves in the diverse communities on study. Tours include engaging in the university’s renowned educational programs, with an emphasis on potential career pathways and long-term planning.

Our Collaboration

Combining top-quality education with a relaxed lifestyle and a sustainable approach to study life, the University of the Sunshine Coast provides students with a supportive environment that’s conducive to learning. The full immersion experience of student life that we offer in our tours of the university, includes opportunities for students to go in-depth into their fields of interest, on and off-study.

Business Management

Students who are interested in pursuing a career in business will find an attractive study option at the University of the Sunshine Coast. They will learn principles of international business, management and entrepreneurship, while also dipping their toes into digital marketing and IT systems design, among others. Quick immersion in the program through our study tours will provide students with a global perspective on business studies combined with a hands-on approach.

Science and Health

The University of the Sunshine Coast welcomes students with unique skills in logical thinking and problem solving into their science and health programs. Our study tours will introduce students to research facilities on study that will fuel interest in science for those who are interested in the field. By introducing students to the research being conducted in and by the university, it is our hope that they will be inspired to study science for the greater good.

Arts and Creative Media

Creatively-inclined minds are also welcome at the University of the Sunshine Coast! The arts and creative programs on study encourage students to think beyond pursuing “art for art’s sake” and employs a global yet long-term approach to their future careers. Students who are interested in the arts will get a chance to experience the programs up close, with the intent of developing a critical eye through their own creativity.

How to Book A Study Tour

Find Other Programs

Students Explore Australia offers customizable study tours of The University of the Sunshine Coast for students seeking to experience their education programs. Students can take a pick of facilities to tour within the university’s sustainably-built study, from laboratories to galleries. They can also choose to attend lectures to get to know members of the study community. Exploring student life is part of the customizable experiences that students will get on their tours.