Study Tours at the Swinburne University of Technology

Students Explore Australia has partnered with top universities throughout Australia to offer study tours for middle and high school students. These immersive experiences provide an insider’s look into university life, with insights on academic world views and local culture alike.

We are proud to partner with Swinburne University in Melbourne to provide study tours for students. Within a short commute from the city centre of Melbourne, Swinburne University is one of the top universities in the state of Victoria and has innovative programs in business, computer science and design.

Exploring Australian Culture

We at Students Explore Australia understand that there’s more to university life than just academics. That’s why we include the best of Australian culture for a well-rounded student experience! Our programs give students the opportunity to have fun on and off-study in every way possible.

Choosing The Best University Study Programs

Students will go on-study to get to know the programs and facilities in each university they visit. They will get a taste of what life is like for students in every program, which will also help them decide on what to pursue at university when the time comes. At Swinburne University, students will have opportunities to meet with other students and mentors to gain an understanding of student life, both academically and otherwise.

Exploring Different Student Accommodation

Swinburne University offers an array of accommodation options for students, from shared apartments on-study, to family-hosted housing and even hostels for short-term stays. Through our study tours, students will get to know each available option to see which one fits their needs as a potential university student before deciding for themselves.

Developing A Well-Rounded Student Experience

Our study tours aren’t limited to the “study” part alone! Swinburne University’s prime location in Melbourne gives students the opportunity to experience the city for themselves. From tours of museums and historical sites, to taking day hikes in nearby parks and watching sporting events, our tours let students choose how they want to experience Australian life in their own way.

Get To Know Other Universities

Students Explore Australia has partnered with universities in Victoria and other parts of the country to provide study tours with hands-on experiences of university life. Our tours can accommodate students who want to check out options at our other partner universities as well!

Swinburne University

Students Explore Australia provides customisable study tours for students interested in pursuing their studies at Swinburne University. Our tours are available for students who would like to get to know the university’s facilities and programs, especially programs for science, business and the arts. In addition, students will also have time to experience student life for themselves on and off-study.

Our Collaboration

We’re always looking for new ways to bring the Australian student experience to life. That’s why we partnered up with Swinburne University for an opportunity that is truly unique in many ways! With our customisable tours, students will be immersed in their learning environment so they can see what it’s like to succeed as a university student.

We have customisable packages available for student groups and individual families with children who are interested in exploring university education within Australia. All of our study tours can accommodate the particular needs of students, from perusing options for different courses of study, to learning English as a second language.

Science and Health

The science programs at Swinburne University cover a wide range of global concerns, from public health, to environmental and space studies. Students who wish to pursue this course of study at Swinburne University will get the chance to interact with students and facilities in the science program of their choice. They can also choose to sit in at lectures or arrange special sessions with faculty members so they can ask important questions about their programs.

Business, Leadership and Management

For students interested in pursuing careers in business management and commerce, Swinburne University offers a chance to develop innovative thinking and crucial skills for starting and maintaining a successful business on any scale. Our study tours let students experience the world of business studies for themselves through interactive sessions with students and mentors in the field. 

Arts, Design and Creative Studies

Students who are creatively inclined are just as welcome at Swinburne University, where their arts and design programs encourage creative thinking and an expansive worldview. Our study tours will give students the opportunity to immerse themselves in an environment that lets their imagination thrive freely.

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