Study Tours at The University of Melbourne

Students Explore Australia has been organizing study tour programs in Australia for middle school and high school students for years. The content and activities during the tour are designed to meet course objectives and specific learning outcomes based on your class syllabus.

Students learn new things and improve social skills while traveling to our different partnering universities, such as The University of Melbourne (UM). Study tours will introduce them to a new environment and learning happens both inside and outside the classroom setting.

Exploring Australian Culture

Students Explore Australia thinks outside the box by delivering study tour programs that widen the students’ horizons on educational and cultural knowledge. The programs encapsulate cultural activities that they can do, sightseeing famous spots in Victoria and industry visits. We arrange the itinerary to allow students to appreciate the city like locals and experience the unique Australian culture, that will follow the students for a lifetime.

Making the Best Higher Education Choice for You

Aside from making memories in a new place with new people, study tours play an essential role in helping students make the right choice for their education pathway. Experiencing study life firsthand is an excellent opportunity to make that decision. Students’ outlook broadens as they can partner up with a local Australian student for the week and take classes as if they were a local student. Not only are they getting to know the course their buddies are taking, but they are also honing their social skills and learning by doing it.

Finding Suitable Long-Term Housing Accommodation

For your study tour, students’ accommodation is flexible to the group’s preferences. If the student is considering studying at an Australian university, we can take the group to visit potential long-term housing options for you. We can arrange visits to university accommodation and their residential colleges. You can also take a look around private accommodation providers, hostels and share houses. It is wise to visit during the tour and get a feel for the place before deciding to make an informed decision.

Experiential Learning For The Student

Teaching the students about a country’s lifestyle is one thing, but letting them experience it first-hand is different and more exciting. Students Explore Australia allows students to understand Australian culture by involving them personally. The itineraries include activities and sightseeing for your students. Activities include wandering through laneways, going to wildlife parks to cuddle koalas and feed kangaroos, discovering Victoria’s history and getting sporty at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. We can even drive along the Great Ocean Road. Our goal is to make these activities as engaging and exciting as possible for students.

Get To Know Our Partnered Univesities

Through our long-standing partnerships with many leading private and public schools in Australia, we are able to offer high-quality immersion study tours for students. Meet some of our partner universities that you might consider including in your itinerary.

The University of Melbourne

Our customizable study tours for the University of Melbourne are a perfect way to scratch the surface of the Australian education system. UM is one of the world-renowned institutions in Australia and one of the most progressive research universities. Students can explore their university library, research, study and activity spaces. They can visit the university’s galleries and museums. This will also be a chance to discover new interests in the different programs such as arts, business, science, health and engineering.

Our Collaboration

Our partnership with the University of Melbourne and other academic institutions enables us to deliver a complete Australian student experience. An authentic cultural stay tour is backed by our team of tour guides, buses and itineraries, all dedicated to providing your students with a memorable stay in the country.

Study tour programs are available for student groups or individual families with children interested in discovering university education in Australia. All are customizable in terms of technical content, theme, activities and duration.

Science and Health

If students are invested in the overall health and well-being of the world around them, they can explore the Melbourne School of Health Sciences. We can tour them around laboratories, state-of-the-art facilities and attend clinical education to help them gain a steady footing around the major. Facilitators will introduce them to activities that develop leadership techniques, problem-solving abilities and practical communication skills. All are essential if they want to pursue their higher education with this course. Study tours guide students to decide on their career path, enhance their interest in science and be motivated to explore more about the field. 

Business, Leadership and Management

Students who want to pursue a degree in business or management can equip themselves with fundamental knowledge and skills during the tour. This can be done by attending on-study lectures with their buddies and doing hands-on activities with them. It could also be through industry-based visits with professionals introducing learners on how the industry works. There are a lot of choices you can dig into, such as business administration, management, commerce or economics.

Arts, Design and Creative

Students inclined to arts can explore the new Arts West building of the University of Melbourne. This is a purpose-built building that incorporates a range of interactive technologies. Visiting facilities like these, joining class lectures by experienced facilitators and bonding with university students taking the course, can enhance their social skills and encourage them to discover what they want to do in the future.


If your study group wants to explore specific courses such as engineering, they can engage in the engineering community of the university. It will be a chance for them to interact more with the engineering students and observe the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, which includes different specializations and majors that may intrigue the learners and enhance current interests.

How to Book A Study Tour

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Students Explore Australia offers customizable study tours of The University of Melbourne for students seeking to explore their education programs. Students can tour the university’s facilities, which include many modern and purpose-built buildings incorporating interactive technologies. They can attend lectures where facilitators teach students with a real-world perspective.  It also allows observation on how their fellow students acquire relevant skills that they will apply in the workplace.